ATS 1.38 version update open test

Not long after the last update of the American truck simulation, we’re here again. We are happy to introduce to community members the improvements, fixes and new features in the upcoming 1.38 update.

There are at least a few weeks before the 1.38 release, so note that this is an early open beta, and much of it is still in development. If you want to try something new, you can also feedback any bugs you may encounter in the designated section of our official forum. Your feedback and reports are very valuable to our team. Thank you in advance for your time to help us.

So, what can you expect from the ATS 1.38 update open test? Let’s take a closer look!

First of all, Las Vegas has been renovated on a large scale, including new road network, renewal of existing interstate intersections, more delicate scenery, new vegetation, terrain texture, etc!

Important changes include a new interstate link route (515), a completely redesigned us-93 junction, a properly positioned “welcome to the gorgeous Las Vegas” sign, and a new pedestrian safety island. You can learn more about this topic in a more in-depth blog post, which also shows many changes in and around the city.

However, the best way to understand is to see it in person! So be sure to go to Nevada and let us know what you think through social media channels.

Las Vegas is not the only one to get updated in the 1.38 version of the American truck simulation. Another notable change is the change of truck stops. Through previous trips to the United States and feedback from community members, we have a more comprehensive understanding of these services that are critical to drivers.

For truck stops in ATS, one of the first changes you will notice is that gas stations now have lane lines that match the width of trucks more, so that trucks can stop and refuel. This is because in real life, most trucks refuel from both sides at the same time, unlike cars that only refuel from one side. We’ve also added guidance lines to help drivers align their trucks to avoid crashing into them as they move in and out. In addition, there is now a new truck stop on us-111 highway!

In addition to the changes to gas stations and truck drivers’ rest areas, we have added more to the map. In this update, you will find that Utah has a new way to go, ut-56. That’s not all!

El Centro has also had a major renovation, and we have added us-191 in Arizona. There are a few minor changes to the hiproque peak in New Mexico that will prepare for a future connection to Colorado. The layout near us-491 has also been calibrated.

We are also pleased to introduce new computer graphics technology, which can estimate the shading effect of ambient light in real time and efficiently. Screen space ambient light shielding, its abbreviation SSAO is more well known, SSAO can generate shadows at the junction of objects, making it look more natural and real in light and shadow.

So, what’s the point of this feature for our players? As simple as possible, SSAO can generate previously missing shadows where needed to improve the overall shadow effect. At the same time, it also improves the visual effect of smooth surfaces (such as painting, chrome plating).

SSAO will improve the driving experience and the overall visual effect of the game, but it will also have a performance impact. Technically speaking, it is a post-processing in the whole rendering image with complete internal resolution, and each pixel needs a lot of calculation.

GPU with weak performance will not be able to run smoothly in the state of full picture quality and 400% zoom (or similar high zoom value), and even the computers with middle end performance will suffer from frame number reduction. If you are not satisfied with the number of frames after the game is updated, please open the advanced graphics settings in the game and try to find a suitable combination of zoom value and SSAO quality. For players with poor GPU performance, it may be recommended to turn SSAO off completely.

The easiest way to show you the effect of SSAO is to present a series of contrast pictures, so let’s have a look! Please keep an eye on our blog, as we will tell you more about SSAO in a special article soon!

We are also excited to bring along a long-awaited update on the RGB color selector, the tool that drivers choose to paint when buying or refitting trucks. Now, you can choose a specific color input method (HSV, RGB and hex).

In addition to saving color presets for a single color, the color selector now supports saving all paint colors at once. In this way, players can easily save color combinations and try to apply them to other finishes. With the launch of this function, we have also increased the number of color cards reserved by users from the original 8 to 40, bringing you a better color matching experience.

We know that many drivers like to have the same truck color as the team, and hope this new feature can help you.


Las Vegas renovation (i-515 / i-11 interstate bypass + whole city switching to template road system)

·New us-191 highway

·New ut-56 road + renovation of a small section of us-93 near the residential area of Panaka

·Ca-111 – add new truck stops

·El Centro renovation

·New company in Logan, Utah – UT (plaster & Sons)

·Remake the refueling area of all truck stops to make it more realistic. More realistic operation animation and logic

·Redesigning hiproque peak, New Mexico + part us-491

·Various map restoration items


Improved automatic transmission (shift position, adaptive mode)

·Las Vegas: new ambulance, fire truck


Improve image quality – ambient shading generator (SSAO)

·Redesign route Consultant

·The route advisor and (game) world map shows the expected time to reach the next point

·Tobii eye tracking preset

·Redesign RGB color selector

·Adobe RGB, HSV and hex input

·Predefined color presets


Update to Fmod 2.01.01

·Repair the retarder sound when the engine is off

·Ai – excluding trains and trams

So, enjoy all the new additions, but keep in mind that this is only an open test, not a stable public release – so you may encounter bugs, instability, and errors or crashes. You can wait for the final release. But if you are interested in helping us move forward faster, we would like to thank you all for your feedback on the forum and for the bug reports submitted under this sub column.

Please check our modding wiki for details on adapting mod to the new version of the game.

If you want to participate in open testing, you can find the open test items for this version on steam. Operation steps: Steam client → library → right click “American Truck Simulator” → properties → test → public_ beta → 1.38 public beta。 No password is required.

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