Promods 2.50 Preview: Iceland

Welcome to the second promods 2.50 preview. This week, let’s look at improvements and new content in Iceland. Although only since February, our new Icelandic developer dowl has made some remarkable progress, and we are happy to share with you.


Since the first iteration of promods 1.9, Iceland is one of the few places that has not undergone a major upgrade, and it is time to rebuild Reykjavik with updated assets and technologies to bring it closer to the real world. All old prefabricated junctions have been replaced and signs have been overhauled

In addition to redevelopment, Iceland’s main international airport, keflav í K, has also been moved to the right place, so now you can enjoy a longer drive on the road between the airport and the capital. Two new towns have also been added: grindav í K has a gas station and a small hotel, and Þ ORL á KSH ü FN has a port for shipping. New roads connect these towns to keflav í K and Selfoss, so you can explore the vast wilderness of Iceland’s southern peninsula.

The ring road between HOFEN, Reykjavik and Reykjavik has been updated, and HOFEN, Vik and Hella have been updated with new assets.

It’s not just an improved map that you can expect in 2.50. Now, when you enter a new region, you will receive HUD messages, a feature that we have started to add to multiple countries. In addition, several companies have been added or modified, and there is another new feature that we didn’t mention, and you’ll have to wait for yourself to discover.

Dowl plans to continue to improve and expand Iceland, so hopefully there will be more updates after the update to 2.50. You can learn the latest news in the forum topics. But that’s all for now – we’ll meet you in the next preview.

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